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Andrija Matic | T.S. Eliot: pesnik, kritičar, dramski pisac (2007)
Andrija Matić (1978) is a Serbian writer. His novels include A Blackout in Five Images (2013), Manhole (2009), and The Disappearance of Zdenko Kupresanin (2006). His collection of short stories is entitled The Museum of Modern Art (2010). He is also the author of T.S. Eliot: A Poet, Critic, Playwright (2007). Andrija Matić lives in Belgrade, Serbia. Andrija Matić (1978) objavio je romane Pomračenje u pet slika (2013), Šaht (2009) i Nestanak Zdenka Kuprešanina (2006), zbirku priča Muzej savremene umetnosti (2010) i studiju T. S. Eliot: pesnik, kritičar, dramski pisac (2007). Živi u Beogradu.
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T.S. Eliot: pesnik, kritičar, dramski pisac (2007)


Competent, lucid, and stylish, Matic’s study focuses on different aspects of T.S. Eliot’s poems, criticism and plays.


“In Andrija Matic’s book, one can see the author’s effort to explain how the “poetic word“ has changed in the course of time, how the „lines themselves“ have been transformed within the ephemeral: to put it simply, The Waste Land immediately after the Second World War and The Waste Land nine decades after, though not even a comma has been changed, ARE NOT THE SAME POEMS. […] Andrija Matic’s book is also a sort of “warning” to Serbian critics that in writing even about the greatest paragons (poetic, intellectual, societal) it is possible to be critical, but knowledgeable; courageous, but not imitative; with the aim of finding new layers of meaning in the texts from the past.“

Aleksandar Radović, Kulturni heroj
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