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Andrija Matic | Nestanak Zdenka Kuprešanina (2006)
Andrija Matić (1978) is a Serbian writer. His novels include A Blackout in Five Images (2013), Manhole (2009), and The Disappearance of Zdenko Kupresanin (2006). His collection of short stories is entitled The Museum of Modern Art (2010). He is also the author of T.S. Eliot: A Poet, Critic, Playwright (2007). Andrija Matić lives in Belgrade, Serbia. Andrija Matić (1978) objavio je romane Pomračenje u pet slika (2013), Šaht (2009) i Nestanak Zdenka Kuprešanina (2006), zbirku priča Muzej savremene umetnosti (2010) i studiju T. S. Eliot: pesnik, kritičar, dramski pisac (2007). Živi u Beogradu.
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Nestanak Zdenka Kuprešanina (2006)


Nestanak Zdenka Kuprešanina is Andrija Matic’s first novel, published in the prestigious edition ”The First Book of Matica Srpska”. It is a comical story about a self-proclaimed poet who firmly believes – though he has never written a single poem – that he belongs to the exclusive club of literary immortals. He did not become a reputable poet, but instead he ended up a special character in almost all Matic’s books.


“In Nestanak Zdenka Kuprešanina, Andrija Matić portrays a comical-melancholic struggle for Eliotic tradition and individual talent in a world which could not care less about them. A young intellectual with a grotesque name and equally grotesque destiny will neither become a poet nor win two Nobel Prize Awards he fantasizes about; instead, he will disappear in a parallel literary world, a kind of literary underground which is hidden behind the door of – a pub.”

Vladislava Gordić Petković, Politika
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